Magali Feys on her PhD Paper

Hello, everybody, after the seminar, I got a lot of questions on the topic of my PhD, which goes about the secondary purchasing or processing of medical data. I will come back with an article on that. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you the key takeaway of the PhD and the topic. It goes about the fact that I really believe that hospitals and other institutions in the field should start from a data governance model, the model should be that they have from the start, they have to structure label and surmise the data, so that we could end up with fair trade data and not conflicted data. And by doing so, and actually practicing Data Minimization, and by embedding in that way and enforcing Data Protection by Design, we would by using that Pseudonymised data and the opportunities it will bring, maximize the secondary use of data and this by actually using data minimisation as a technique. I hope you stay tuned for more information on this topic. Thank you.