With over 3,000 attending, don't miss the discussion on  using Technical Supplemental Measures required for lawful cloud processing like GDPR Pseudonymisation to survive & thrive under Schrems II.
Since Schrems II was decided, thousands of organisations have been dealing with uncertainties surrounding restrictions on the ability to lawfully engage in cross-border data transfers, including use of the public cloud regardless of location of equipment.
Over 3,000 are attending from 50 countries. Join us to avoid major interruptions to your business operations.
25% of participants already face business continuity risk from Schrems II.

Without an Immediately Defensible Position on Schrems II compliant technical controls, you face the following risks to interruptions to critical data supply chain relationships:
Top Schrems II Risks to Business Continuity & Operations
Termination of Data Access by Supply Chain Partners:
  • Termination of access to critical data supply chains by partners unwilling to take the risk of negative impacts to their operations from halted data processing by supervisory authorities
  • Proof of Schrems II Immediately Defensible Position for technical controls for the ongoing lawful use of SCCs necessary to ensure access to data for  business operations
  • Without an Immediately Defensible Position, you must set aside adequate reserves to cover the negative impacts of terminated data flows due to Schrems II noncompliance
Has Begun
  • Terminated access to data: MailChimp (Germany) and National Statistics Institute (Portugal); Multi-million Euro penalties: Vodafone (Spain)
Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Activities
  • Possibility of follow-on rounds of NOYB "Opening Pandora's Box" investigations?
  • Potential for new Privacy International investigations?
Waiting to migrate to new SCCs does not relieve the immediacy of these risks. Technical controls are immediately required for lawful processing under - existing as well as new - SCCs.

The live panel will cover:
  • While everyone is talking about Schrems II problems, this is the only webinar presenting solutions to the problems.

  • Your Schrems II obligations to implement “surveillance proof” Technical Supplementary Measures exist TODAY, unrelated to your obligation to transition to new SCCs in the future.

  • The EDPB has said that only Technical Supplementary Measures protect against surveillance.
We will also provide summary information following the webinar.
Polly Ralph
Data Protection Strategy
Legal & Compliance Services
Sarah Pearce
Privacy & Cyber
Security Practice
Magali Feys
Data protection
Gary LaFever
CEO & General
4pm CEST / 10am EDT
2 hours
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*Schrems II refers to the ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union in Case C-311/18 - Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland Ltd and Maximillian Schrems, commonly referred to publicly as “Schrems II.” Use of "Schrems II" in no way indicates any relationship or affiliation with, or endorsement by, Max Schrems or by the Non-Governmental Organisation, None of Your Business (NOYB), or any parties directly or indirectly associated with Max Schrems or NOYB.